"Providing Professional Forestry Services" 


               Harold Quinney

Harold graduated from Auburn University in 2000 with a degree in Forestry and a minor in Business.  After graduating from Auburn, he went to work TP Young Logging in Linden, Alabama.  With TP Young, Harold learned to design and layout harvest operations according to state best management practices from one of the most respected logger/wood dealers in Alabama.  Also, he learned the art of merchandising different wood products to better utilize the wood markets he developed across the region.

In September 2007, Harold decided to use the experiences gained while working for TP Young Logging to help start Canebrake Forestry.  Harold now feels he has an excellent understanding of the timber business from a logger/wood dealer's perspective.  The knowledge he gained gives Canebrake Forestry an unique base to better negotiate favorable terms in our contract negotiations with loggers and wood dealers.  Harold understands what it takes to have a productive logging crew without sacrificing quality. 

Harold is a Registered Forester in the State of Mississippi and Alabama.  He is a Certified Burn Manager in Alabama.  Harold is an active member of the Alabama Forestry Association, Mississippi Forestry Association and the Society of American Foresters.
              Mark Bedsole

Mark graduated from Auburn University in 2000 with a degree in Forestry and a minor in Business.  After graduation, he went to work with Georgia Pacific Corporation buying both standing timber and delivered wood for GP's paper mill in Pennington, Alabama.  Mark was able to gain an understanding of a corporations pricing structure and inventory control practices.  He was also the SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) contact for the East Mississippi and West Alabama regions.  Being the SFI contact for the region, Mark was able to gain valuable experience by actively participating in third party environmental field/office audits to help GP gain their SFI Label.

Although Mark was very appreciative of the experience GP was providing, he desired a change.  In September of 2007, Mark helped form Canebrake Forestry LLC.  In June of 2009, Mark started hosting a 30 minute local talk radio show (Forestry Views).  The idea behind Forestry Views was to help educate the general public the important role the forestry business has in the Southeast.   

Mark is a Registered Forester, a Certified Burn Manager, has a Real Estate License, and is a Trainee Real Property Appraiser in the State of Alabama.
He is SFI Certified and also a Registered Forester in the State of Mississippi.  Mark is an active member of the Society of American Foresters, the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers, the Alabama Forestry Association, and the Mississippi Forestry Association.

Mark owns a Piper Cherokee 180 plane and has his private pilot license.  He keeps an eye in the sky monitoring forest health and activities in Alabama and Mississippi. 

              Ben Etheredge

Ben was born and raised in Clarke County, Alabama.  He graduated from Jackson High School in 1996 and completed his education in 2000 at Auburn University with a degree in Forestry and a minor in Business. 

After college graduation, Ben went to work as a Wood Procurement Representative for Potlatch Corporation in Warren, Arkansas.  He was responsible for supplying wood to a hardwood sawmill, a pine sawmill and two chip mills.  He was also was in charge of selling Potlatch's company land stumpage to the highest available markets.

Ben moved back to Alabama in late 2001 to become a Land Management Forester for Scotch Lumber Company in Fulton.  He was responsible for planning, timber harvesting, site preparation, burning, reforestation, and other management tasks on Scotch's company owned lands.

In September 2008, Ben became partners with Harold and Mark at Canebrake Forestry, LLC.  Ben feels extremely fortunate to have gained experience in both wood procurement and land management from two highly respected companies. 

Ben is a Registered Forester, a Professional Logging Manager, and a Certified Burn Manager in Alabama.  Ben is also an active member of the Alabama Forestry Association, Mississippi Forestry Association, and Society of American Foresters.

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