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Bird's-Eye Forestry
Why do you need up to date photographs of your property?  To obtain accurate, timely and cost effective information regarding various activities as they happen on your property.  Don't wait for small problems to become big problems.  Routine aerial flights with targeted photographs of your property will help you make informed decisions with your long-term investments.

Who is Bird's-Eye Forestry's clientèle?
Large and Small Landowners, Absentee Landowners, Forestry Consultants, Timber Managers, REIT'S & TIMO'S.

What exactly is the consumer getting?
A series of four different flights are flown in a growing season to obtain current high-resolution low altitude photographs within the subject property.  You tell us what your areas of concerns are and our State Registered Forester will identify them from the air.  These photographs will be presented in a layout that makes them easily located on the ground.  Should you need additional help, we can assist you.

When are the photographs taken?
The series of photos will be taken during the growing season and at six-week intervals.  Target start date will be in the middle of June and will end sometime in October, weather permitting.

How much does it cost?
$285 per square mile each year.  A square mile equals 640 acres.  So if you have 640 acres or less within the same square mile, it would cost you $285.

What will the layout photograph look like that I receive and how will I get it?
Click Here to see it and you can get it either through email or regular mail within a week of the photograph being taken.


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