"Providing Professional Forestry Services" 

GIS/GPS Mapping
Geographical Information System (GIS)

GIS uses computer hardware, software and geographic data to capture, manage, manipulate, analyze and display a variety of information.  Some information used in GIS are aerial photos, topo maps, satellite imagery, hydrology, roads, political boundaries and GPS points.

The use of GIS in forestry applications is endless.  You can use it to acquire, organize and manage information such as land ownership, forest type, soil type, etc.  

Canebrake Forestry has the latest GIS technology available to help landowners organize forest data for management plan implementation.

Global Positioning System (GPS) 

Using satellites orbiting the earth, Canebrake Forestry's GPS units use triangulation to acquire an accurate position on the earth's surface.  

The use of GPS in forestry applications is endless.  From field observations, you can record unknown information such as property corners, accurate acres, forest inventory points, wildlife concerns, roads and any other special features of interest.  This information can then be downloaded into our GIS to use with management decisions. 

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