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Canebrake Forestry LLC's main office is located in Linden, Alabama, and was founded September 2007 by Harold Quinney and Mark Bedsole.  In September 2008, we welcomed Ben Etheredge into our partnership.  Ben is operating out of Coffeeville, Alabama, which gives us more roots in South Alabama's wood basket.  It is our intention to provide professional forestry services to both large and small landowners in Alabama and Mississippi.

Canebrake Forestry has 25 years combined experience in the three most important areas of forestry.
1) Intensive Land Management 
2) Direct Logger Supervision & Wood Dealer Procurement
3) Mill Procurement & Environmental Awareness    

Our experience in the above fields gives you the opportunity to gain inside information from all sides of the forest industry.

We offer timber management services ranging from initial tree planting to final harvest.  Our goal is to assist landowners in achieving the highest rate of return while maintaining a sustainable forest for future generations.  We believe good forest management is also good wildlife management, and we will achieve both.

If you would like to talk to us about a free consultation or about getting an estimate for your timber, give us a call at (334)-295-5520, or email us at
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