"Providing Professional Forestry Services" 

To some people, forest management only means managing their property for timber production.  However, good forest management is managing the forest for sustainable production of goods and services such as timber, wildlife, water and recreation. 

Canebrake Forestry, LLC offers a long term professional management service for and in the best interest of private landowners.  We manage property to enhance both monetary and aesthetic values.  We welcome landowners with both small and large tracts. 

With all of our long term management clients, we recommend establishing and or maintaining property boundaries and all corners.  This is a must to help prevent timber trespass. 

Without an accurate inventory of your timber, there is no way to properly manage your investment in order to achieve the maximum rate of return.  An accurate timber inventory is the most important piece of information you can have to properly determine your timber management objectives.  Having one of our Registered Foresters take an accurate inventory of your property is an excellent way to determine both the stand health and value.

If you need assistance in determining your long term property goals, we are able to provide honest professional advice.  Once your unique management objectives have been determined, we will develop a thorough management plan in writing.  It will be the road map, which provides the path to your long term management goals. 

No plan is complete until its put into action.  Canebrake Forestry will help you put your plan into action.  We make routine visits to our clients properties to monitor the health of the timber and see if the management plan is working.  Since we live in an ever changing world, we recommend revisiting the management plan every 5-10 years and make any necessary changes. 

If you would like to talk to us about our management services, please give us a call at (334) 295-5520, or send us an email
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