"Providing Professional Forestry Services" 

Regen/Survial Cruises
How do you as a landowner actually know if you are getting the number of trees planted that you are actually paying for?
Answer - Hire Canebrake Forestry to go out and do a regeneration cruise.  We will provide you with the initial number of planted trees per acre, natural regeneration pine trees per acre and the number and average height of the competing hardwood trees per acre.  All of our plots will have GPS referenced points so we can go back to plots on the ground should a conflict arise.

How do you as a landowner actually know if your trees you planted in the winter survived through the 1st growing season?

Answer - You got it, hire Canebrake Forestry to perform a survival cruise.  The 1st growing season is crucial and mortality rates can be very high the first year.  If caught early, a poorly stocked stand can be corrected with minimal cost compared to waiting a couple of years. 
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