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Artificial Regeneration:

Artificial regeneration is planting a genetically improved seedling from a known seed source that has been grown in a nursery for one year.  These seedlings are planted in systematic manner either mechanically or by hand to achieve a predetermined objective.

Natural Regeneration:

Pine natural regeneration is manipulating a stand to promote regeneration by harvesting less desirable trees and leaving quality seed trees (parent trees) to disperse seed across the stand.  Once natural regeneration is considered established, the parent trees are removed.  After the parent trees are removed, a pre-commercial thin is used to reach a desired trees per acre.

Hardwood natural regeneration is accomplished by removing undesirable species and lower grade trees leaving quality seed trees to disperse seed (acorns) across the stand.  Spot treatment of herbicides may be needed to control undesirable species.  Once the desired hardwood seedlings have sprouted and begin to grow, the parent trees are removed.

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