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Timber Cruising
Timber cruising is merely the method of systematically walking through the woods gathering data through random plots consisting of tree species, size, forest product, health and distribution.  The data collected from this method is often referred to as a forest inventory.

Most of the time measuring each individual tree in a particular stand is not practical, but sometimes a 100% tally of the trees in the stand may be the best way to determine the volume.  A timber cruise is designed based off the variability in the stand and the landowner's objectives.  Most frequently used cruise intensities range between 5% and 20%, meaning 5% or 20% of the total trees in a stand are tallied.  The higher percent cruise, the more accurate the data gathered should be. 

Once a forest inventory for a particular stand is completed, various management decisions can be made and implemented.  At Canebrake Forestry, we believe an accurate inventory is the most valuable information you can have in your decision making process regarding timber management.
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