"Providing Professional Forestry Services" 

Timber Sales & Marketing
Unless you deal in the timber business regularly, you need a Registered Forester working on your behalf.  Otherwise, how are you sure you are getting a fair price for your timber?  Unlike most other traded commodities, timber prices are not published in a timely fashion.  Timber has to many variables that effect pricing, which makes this sort of information nearly impossible to accurately report.   Canebrake Forestry, LLC believes a reasonable rate of return can not be expected on your timberland investment unless it is properly marketed and sold by a Registered Forester.  A competent Registered Forester working solely in your best interest will consistently generate you a higher rate of return.

If you contract Canebrake Forestry to sale your timber, you will have the three of us working 100% in your best interest.  We built a database with over 100 potential buyers we can send a prospectus to.  Once the high bidder is determined, we prepare and administer a timber contract that is in your best interest and legally binding on the buyer and all of the buyer's contractors.  A properly designed contract that is enforced will help save money on your reforestation.  One of our Registered Foresters will be on the ground periodically during harvesting operations to make sure the contract is adhered to and all Best Management Practices are followed.  We want to make your property one of our "Show Me" tracts.  Therefore, we can continue to do business with you and other landowners as well.     

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